Sticker Love And World Domination

The story of Sticker Love And World Domination roughly began in 2011 with a couple of posts on baze.djunkiii's long standing website / music blog which used this phrase as a general headline.

Around that time baze.djunkiii had used stickers instead of flyers for a while to promote his then weekly residency at Hamburg's former Meaniebar venue as well as other events like the BETA-ZERFALL series and his website and social media accounts for years. Soon came the point when both friends and total strangers started to send in pictures of those stickers they had seen around town and in other places. These were first featured in the Sticker Love And World Domination posts - like this one or that one - on the aforementioned website but soon it became obvious that a dedicated outlet was needed to display them all.

So here we are. Enjoy.